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Yeri has been my nickname since I was a baby. It's in Spanish and it's pronounced Yeh-dee or Yeti (Like the Yeri coolers!). My sweet mama had a whole theory about why she named me this but ultimately, she totally got it from a mexican novela back in the nineties. 

How do you pronounce your name and where is it from?


It’s the style of portrait photography that captures and documents real-life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. It is less about styled and perfectly posed positions and more of in-the-moment photographs that make your heart skip a beat. Basically less posing, more real, more YOU...and thats exactly what I'm about.

What is lifestyle photography?


I absolutely do! I love working with my sweet husband, Heber. He's an Electrical Engineer on the weekdays and a Photographer on the weekends. If your wedding is on a Saturday, he comes with and you get a married team! If he's not available, I bring amazingly talented friends with me to capture your day. So either way, we take care of you!

Do you shoot with someone else?


Having printing rights means you have the right to print your images for personal use. I like to give you the freedom to print your photos wherever your heart desires, but for your convenience, I do offer high quality prints and albums (that I’m completely obsessed with) and that will last you a lifetime! 

What are “personal printing rights?”


I always give you as many as possible. I never limit the amount of photos you receive. If it contributes to the story of your day - or if your hair just looks REALLY good, you’re getting it :) As an average though, I typically deliver at least 500 at a minimum for weddings. For sessions, I typically deliver a minimum of 50 images.

How many images will I receive?


You'll receive some sneak peeks (think of it as a highlight reel of your day) a week after your wedding and your entire wedding gallery within six to eight weeks, depending on the season! Engagement sessions are usually delivered within two or three weeks.

When will I receive my images?


I sure do! Fill out the contact form, give me all the details of your day, we’ll video chat and find a way to make it work for you and your budget!

Do you offer payment plans?


For sessions, I require a 50% deposit to book your date. Then, the remaining 50% is due the day of the session.

For weddings, I require a $1,000 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking to hold your date, and the remaining can be divided however you prefer as long as its paid in full one month prior to your wedding. 

How do payment schedules work?


YAAASSSS BAYBAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's do this thing! I’m so excited to work together! Fill out my contact form, tell me all your plans, and we’ll schedule a time to chat. 

Once we chat, I'll send you customized packages based on our conversation and once you place your deposit, we're good to go!

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